Alamar's Retired Dogs



Rosie was born 4/25/2001 and is a black and white rough coat. Rosie is out of our Angel and McCord's Sam. Rosie has surpassed our highest hopes in her natural ability and instinct, willingness and desire to control stock and overall personality.

Rosie crossed over the rainbow bridge in September of 2015 at the age of 14.  She was the foundation of many great dogs and her legacy lives on in her children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren.  We will never forget you sweet girl!




Gun was born 9/24/97 out of Russel McCord's Stetson. He is 53 pounds and is a rough coated, black and white dog. Gun is one of the gentlest tempered dogs we've ever owned.

Alamar's Spur STDsc OTDc HSAC


Alamar’s Spur HSAC STDcs OTDc became one of the foundation sires for Alamar Border Collies. He had a limited trial career but managed to acquire several titles with his buddy Alan. He was a star attraction at the Wichita, KS trials when he body slammed a wayward cow into submission. This was the same trial where his daughter sent a sheep into the stands. They were a hit that year! Spur firmly believed he could move mountains, disguised as cows, bulls, or anything that didn’t want to move. His biggest claim to fame was his strong genetics, sweet temperament and loving disposition which is seen in his progeny. He passed along the best of himself, and his strong desire to work is seen in his kids: Banjo, Joe, Domino, Pearl, Gin and Trip, and his grandkids: Hannah, Bonnie, Moss, Gael, Ben, Mo, Shotsey, Jethro, Ellie, Annie, Dodge, and Fion, just to name a few. There will never be another Spur, but his legacy lives on is seen in the loving eyes of his kids every day. Rest easy buddy…we will miss you! See you on the other side!



Bob was a wonderful trial dog, companion and stud dog. He produced many herding champions and dogs with outstanding stock sense and instinct. We chose to walk him to the rainbow bridge in June of 2010 and say our goodbyes. There will never be another one like him, but his legacy lives on in his offspring.


Mar Car Jem HSAS

Although Jem was purchased with the intention of being a member of the "Alamar Gang", she just didn't have what it takes to be in the line up.  However, her fabulous temperament and sweet nature is a perfect fit for our new friends, the Hansen's out of Flower Mound, TX.  The Hansen family has two children ages 5 and 10 and Jem loves them and their 3 year old golden retriever.  We hope to hear updates from them often.


Tator now lives with Marion Walker and loves her new mom and especially being with someone who just has her to love.  Tator is now the happiest, most spoiled dog around!


HC HCH Alama's Play It Again Sam

December 21st, 2004 - January 20th, 2009
It is with a heavy heart that we watched Mike cross the rainbow bridge where he will run the hills and work until we join him again.

Although Alamar's Play It Again Sam left us much too early, his accomplishments were many. In his short 4 years with us he completed 2 herding championships, in AKC as well as AHBA. He finished 2008 in the top 5 in the United States in Advanced Herding Competition. He won multiple High and Reserve High In Trial awards and could always be counted on to keep the Alamar name in the top standings where ever we went. He loved to work and will always be remembered standing at the post with his best buddy, Alan, waiting for the words to go to work.

Mike lays in the field he once worked in, next to the first Mike, his namesake. The name will be retired here at Alamar.

Mike was one we will miss more than most for his sweet temperament. He will live on in our hearts and will always be remembered.


Alamar’s Country Gent PT HSAS HTAD l HRD l HTAD ll HRD ll

Domino has gone to live with our good friends Anna and John Leal, owners of “Alamar’s Winning Hand HT, PT, HSAS HTAD I ”  John has been training Domino and trialing him and they make an Awesome duo!  We are so happy for both John and Domino.

Domino is a dog out of Rosie and Spur. He
has a lot of drive, a sweet personality like his mother and has his
father's power.  He is a very willing worker and loves to please. He is very much a puppy at 2 ½ but is very serious about his work.  He works with a lot of style and never tires.  He already has a High in Trial to his name and is promising good things in the future.



Alamar's Going Postal, HT, HSAS

Zip has gone to live with Al Marti of Ft. Worth, TX. She is enjoying
her new role as a house dog and Al's best friend. We are so glad to
have new friends in the Alamar family. Hopefully he will keep up
updated on how she is doing.

Zip is a 30 lbs black and white Border Collie out of CH Alamar's Angel
HSAS Stds Otds Atds and CH Alamar's Spur Stdsc Otdc. She is a delightful
combination of tough and sweet.
On stock,Zip has a world of balance and will walk straight up on stock.
She has natural wide flanks and a very willing attitude. She has the
sweet disposition of her mother and father and the stock sense of them
as well.



Alibi's Top Secret Texan NA HS STDs

On October 25th, Agent made his way over the rainbow bridge where he
waits for us to come to him. Agent was my best buddy for 10 years. He
gave me all he had as a stock dog and a friend. He took care of me when
we traveled and guarded our stuff at many shows. He lives on in his
kids, Favor and Jynx. I miss you buddy, every day



Alibi's Texas Storm CD HS NA OA PT Stds CGC

April 18, 1991 - September 30,2004

On September 30th, Storm crossed the rainbow bridge where she plays
with Biscuit the pug and Katie Bassett Hound. She was Alan's first
Agility dog and the reason Alamar Aussie's exist today. She was the one
by which all others were measured. I am sure she is ruling the roost
there like she did at home. We miss her so much...


Alibi's Texas Tornado PT NA CGC

Spinner was our second Aussie. He was born 1/24/92. He is a blue merle.

On May 23rd, 2005, Spinner joined his friends over the rainbow bridge. He was one by which many were compared. To his friends he will always be known as the one with a sense of humor. He never ceased to amaze us with his ability to figure things out. Usually things to make me crazy. He rests now with his friends in the fields he loved to play in and will be forever missed. There will never be another one like you! We loved you Spin!



Mike NA HS HX Stds Otds Atds CGC

Mike the Dog

Mike was our first Border Collie. Alan wanted a dog to be competitive in Herding competitions. Mike lived up to that dream. Unfortunately his life was shorter than we'd hoped. He has passed on now, but will never be forgotten.
May 10, 1993- October, 2001.



CH Alamar's Angel STDs, OTDs, ATDs, HSAS, HIAS

Alamar's Angel crossed the rainbow bridge on Sunday, July 10th 2011. Angel was the foundation bitch for Alamar Border Collies. She is the mother of HC HCH Alamar's Rosie O, Alamar's This One's For The Girls HXAS HIBS, Grandmother of HC Alamar's Play It Again Sam, Alamar's Chairman of the Board HIAS HSBS, Alamar's Songbird HSAS , Alamar's Head 'Em Up HXAS HIBS, HC Alamar's Mirk, Alamar's Rumor Has It HXAS HIBS HSAD, Alamar's Pickin' and Grinnin' HSAS HIAS HXAS HSBD HSAD HSBS, Alamar's Sweet Gypsy Rose HXAS HXBS, Alamar's Kiss Me Kate HIAS HSBS MX MXJ OF, Alamar's Southern Gent HXAS HXBS, Alamar's Winning Hand HXAS HSBS, Alamar's Believe It Or Not HIAS HSBS, Alamar's Last Call HXAS HSAC and many more.

Angel was one of the first but won't be the last. She lives on in our hearts and through her grandkids! We will truly miss her.


Alamar's Mischief and Elegance

Jynx has gone to live with our good friend Paul and his family. Jynx now has her own little boy to watch over and take care of. Hopefully Paul will keep us posted with updates on how she is doing.



CH Alibi's Flirtation in Elegance HT PT HSAS Stdsd

Flirt is living out her retirement with our good friend Cathy Franklin in Dallas where she has become a house dog and is training for competition obedience. She is still the sweetest thing on 4 legs and loves her new mommy. Stay tuned for updates of Flirts Obedience accomplishments!



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