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Trip belongs to Melissa Winters who also owns Trip's mother, Carli. Carli was bred to Alamar's Spur and produced some outstanding cattle dogs including Alamar's Last Call, Gin. 

We thank Melissa for making this cross possible.  She has done an outstanding job with Carli and all her Alamar dogs.
Thanks to Pat Corl for the photos.

Alamar's One For The Road
" Trip"



Mirk belongs to Tim and Donna Walker and is a regular here at Alamar.  By his 3rd birthday he has his HXBS, HXAS and a few months later he finished his herding championship to become the 2nd Rosie/Bob puppy to become a herding champion, following in his mom and dad's pawprints. His is one of the dirty dozen by Rosie and Bob.  He will work Sheep, goats, cattle, ducks and will be a nice addition to the Alamar line up of stud dogs.

  HC Alamar's Mirk
" Mirk"

Working cattle at his first cattle trial. Photo credit to Chris Densmore of Kayleigh Kandids


This is Carli, Alamar's This One's For The Girls.  She is a Angle/Bob daughter and mother of Gin and Trip.  Carli is an all around girl who has tons of drive and plenty of grit.  She belongs to Melissa Winters

  Alamar's This One's For The Girls


The Joe/Lark litter

Dodge, Alamar’s Ram Tough, is a male out of the Joe and Lark litter.

All these puppies are turning out to be outstanding working dogs. So much so, that we are planning to repeat this breeding in the spring of 2013. Dodge belongs to Tricia Millsap of Lucas, TX. Hopefully we will see Dodge in the Braggs page, soon.

  Alamar’s Ram Tough

Ellie has gone to live with our extended family, John and Anna Leal in Plano, TX. There she joins her Uncle Domino, (Rosie X Spur), and her cousin Hannah (Spur Granddaughter). Ellie bonded with John almost immediately and has eyes only for him. They will be an awesome team!

  Alamar's Hillbilly Princess


Fionn, Alamar’s Clansman Mac Fionnlaugh, belongs to Pat Corl

Fionn is sparkling with his sweet personality and amazingly natural ability on stock. He is rating his stock, square-flanking and staying off his stock. We expect great things from him in the future.

Fionn has also shown himself to be quite the guardian of his mom when an unknown intruder tried to break into his house early one morning. When the intruder entered the house, he threw himself at them forcing the intruder back out the door. Pretty impressive for a puppy!

  Alamar’s Clansman Mac Fionnlaugh



Please welcome the newest member of the Alamar Gang. This is Dev, our livestock guardian. Dev is a Turkish Kangal from the Sivas Region of Turkey. Here he is at 5 months. Full grown he should top out around 140 pounds or so. Here are several pictures of him and his current playmates.

Read more about this magnificent breed at: http://people.unt.edu/~tlt0002/kdhome.htm



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