Obedience Training at Alamar


Here at Alamar, we train with the philosophy that dogs learn things by doing something correctly and being praised for it. Dogs are not corrected for non-compliance with commands they do not understand. We use repetition and patient practice to achieve the level of which each dog is capable. Alamar offers a variety of training options for the home, farm, and family.

Private Lessons:
Basic Obedience Lessons are set up in a series of 5 either at your home or at Alamar. Training includes the basic obedience commands of sit, down, stay, coming when called, walking on a loose lead, as well as any problem behaviors that may come up. Training includes multiple options to meet the needs of each person and dog. Emphasis is on teaching people to assume the alpha role in their house with the dog and using methods and corrections the dog can comprehend. No abuse or rough handling of the dog will be tolerated. Students are expected to work dogs on a daily basis in order to achieve the maximum benefit. Alamar is flexible in scheduling lessons and asks the same of clients. Consideration is requested when rescheduling or canceling lessons to allow time to adjust schedules.

Board and Train:
For people who either do not have the time or desire to do the training themselves, Alamar offers the board and train option of training their dog. This involves the dog staying at Alamar for 10 days of training. During this time, dogs are taught the basic obedience commands of sit, down, stay, coming when called, walking on a loose lead as well as working on any other behavior problems that come up as we go along. Dogs are kept in crates at night and in roomy outdoor runs when the weather is nice. All kennels have doghouses, shade, swimming pools, and misters during the summer. Dogs also receive play time with other dogs under close supervision. They are also worked in a variety of settings as well as around other dogs and animals. The training is completed with the idea of the dog learning their role in the pack. All training is done with praise and clear, consistent repetition. Although board and train can be a welcome option for some owners, it is critical that the owners keep up with enforcing the commands once the dog returns home. Lack of reinforcement will allow the dog to slip back into bad habits. Most importantly, clients are encouraged to stay in contact with their trainer and work through any problems that come up.



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