Herding Training at Alamar


Alamar offers herding lessons for all herding breeds. Whether you have a Border Collie or one of the many other herding breeds, Alamar lessons focus on stockmanship and good dog work. We do not focus on any particular venue but rather the skills necessary to perform any task needed. People are taught to read and manage livestock in a safe and efficient manner while teaching their dog discipline and respect both for the handler and the livestock. Lessons are structured so you work several times for shorter sessions to maximize learning for your dog.

Alamar has the facilities to start you from the beginning with small working areas to open fields for more advanced work. We will work with where you are and help take you as far as you want to go, but basics are emphasized as more advanced work is not possible without a strong foundation. We offer different types of stock for whatever you need, light sheep or goats and occasionally cattle.

Alamar also brings in clinicians 5 or 6 times a year to stretch you even further and provide different prospective and insight. Clinics are offered first to current students and if there is an opening we will offer it to outside handlers and dogs. Clinicians are experienced with working all herding breeds and enjoy a variety of experiences. This also means that we continue to grow in our knowledge and experience. Lunch is provided for the clinics and a pot luck is offered for dinner for the clinics as well.

As well as clinics, Alamar also hosts several different types of herding trials a year, as well as Meet the Sheep opportunities and educational events. Demonstrations can also be arranged at our facility or yours if the setting is appropriate.

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